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Topographical Planning

  • Development of topographic plans and maps for each type of scale
  • Also designing and planning of underground and overground communication lines

Generation of local GIMs

  • Creation of geodetic points of local importance for construction works and calculation of their coordinates and elevation networks.
  • Additionally, establishment of ground control points (markers) for photogrammetric works.

Support and monitoring of construction

  • Designation of the location of foundations and columns of high-rise buildings, complex projects, industrial structures such as warehouses, factories, plants and power plants, determination of the heights, carrying out drilling and filling works according to the project, high-precision installation of steel structures
  • Transformation and relocation of existing building and construction projects into a coordinate system adopted by state bodies
  • Monitoring of landslides and collapses of all types of buildings

3D space system modelling

Development of 3D models by creating point clouds using a laser scanner and UAV as well as three-dimensional and two-dimensional plans for the renovation of the interior of buildings and structures, especially the facades of historic buildings


  • Development of various, including local, municipal and global Geographical Data Base
  • Organization of the geographical data base's integration into other allowed data systems
  • Three Dimensional (3D) Modelling and Simulation


  • Obtaining sensitive and fast orthographic images of large areas with an UAV
  • Also development of DTM and DSM for digital elevation model of areas via an UAV
  • Fast obtaining and processing of point cloud data for all natural and artificial objects in the area with UAV LIDAR technology with high-precision

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